All Style!
I'm always ready for a challenge, and this cherry Plymouth was a fine canvas to start with. 10 year old paint, and she's never been wet. Just wipe, and polish, and she's ready to show! With straight pipes, it needed a punchy system to cut through the noise, but with no visible changes to the interior. About 40 hours later, she's ready to Rock & Roll!
Needs Work!
I already had some hydraulics to work around, and we decided to clean up the trunk with some finish panels to conceal the batteries, and pumps. I would need to leave easy access to the hydraulics in case of problems, and to service the batteries.
150 Amps of POWER
With a starting battery under the front floor, and three in the rear to run the hydraulics, I added a 150 Amp re-built Delco alternator to provide plenty of juice. There's a 150 Amp isolator to make sure the front battery will start the car even when the hydraulics have run the rear ones low.
Old car, new stereo
Keeping the dash original was necessary, so a Blaupunkt Hamburg was a perfect choice for the Glove box. With it's steering wheel remote, as well as the 6 disc in-dash changer, it makes operating the system easy while driving, with plenty of music on demand
The original battery box was rotting from years of acid, so this is the the first piece of the puzzle. I coated the new box with resin to resist water, and acid from the batteries. I pre-attached the base to help locate the box within the trunk. this would allow me to fit the later pieces around this reference point.
As you can see, with the batteries out, there's a lot of room to move around. The battery box left me with a starting point for the next box containing the 2-12" woofers.
Sweet BASS!
Looks Rough
Combined with a couple of L shaped pieces to cover the pumps, an idea takes shape.
Working on the fit goes one piece at a time. I wanted easy access to service the batteries.

The velour pads at the top of the pump covers give a drop for the woofer box to lock into, without using any screws, or bolts.
As each piece comes together, it allows for the next to be cut, and fitted, then covered. .
still clean underneath!
With the front carpeted to press against the seat bracing, and the rear locked into the pads over the pump covers, I got a secure fit that will remove easily
cardboard & duct tape
harder than it looks!
both sides pretty!
A well made fill panel really gives a finished look. It starts with a cardboard pattern. After tracing onto the tempered hardboard, it's fitted with a hand-file for a precise fit.
Allowing for the material thickness when creating the patterns takes the most experience. If it doesn't fit, removing the carpet can ruin the part, and making extras can really burn you out.
With some 1/2" foam & velour, this comes out like factory built.
No matter what car, or budget, a quality job keeps on satisfying. Drop me a line, and make YOUR car the next feature!
Any car moves around a lot, and this baby's kinda stiff with the hydraulics.