1954 VW Beetle
From mediocre to excellent! This Beetle really shows what the right box can do. We wanted to get some more sound out of these Blaupunkt 6x9s, but I knew that the real difference would be some decent woofers, with a little power.
With the seat up, and the removeable grille in place, the woofers, and the 6x9s for rear fill look like factory installed. The Blaupunkt In-Dash cassette/ changer controller, gives the best of both old, and new. With a full-logic casette mechanism, 10 CDs in the changer, and a JBL 150.1 Class "D" amp for driving 2-10" woofers, This baby blows away a new VW system. With the optional steering wheel remote, the stereo can be operated with the glove box door closed, and no need to reach!