2000 Silverado
Hot Truck!
With all the extended cab trucks, We're starting to see a lot more woofer jobs with drop-in boxes. These premium trucks drive like a car, and the owners want the same quality of sound !
Nice Fit!
With no loss of useable space for seating, this box allows 2-10" woofers in a downward facing box to enhance the "corner loading" effect for maximum " punch" to the bass.
Amp's in here!
This box also allows for mounting a fairly large amp. I'd have NO problem fitting a 1200W RMS JBL amp in there with matching woofers, if PAIN is needed.
I Hide!
The MASK (self-hiding) Kenwood was a top unit in it's day, and made for a good fit with the recessed GM truck kit.
I'm Tiny!
After a few Months we decided to add a 4 channel amp for the highs, and this compact Kenwood EQ offers a lot of control for subs, as well as audio Equalization