1965 Mustang
NOW! Detailed interior shots of a good looking, great sounding car!
It's an all Pioneer system with 3 way 6x9s in the rear, and 6 1/2" 2ways in the front, on Custom Autosound kick panels.
The remote control head unit also has a 6 disc changer mounted under the rear deck.
I really like the way a carpeted rear deck cleans up the appearance of classic American cars. Mounting the speakers under the rear deck actually enhances the sound and bass response.
Nothing showing here but smooth carpet. I use screen over the holes cut for sound, to eliminate "sagging"
Okay, I did find enough carpet for the C.D. changer mounting plate. I needed to get the changer far enough back, and the brackets just didn't want to line up with the existing sheet metal.
Without doing anything really crazy with the dash, since we wanted to modify the car as little as possible. We decided to just use an underdash housing and mount the head unit as far back as I could. Easy access for changing discs, and back far enough to blend in to the cars interior.
The custom autosound kickpanels were a good fit, and provided wonderful imaging
Normally I would have liked to add some kind of sub, and a little extra power to enhance the lower bass frequencies, but this car really didn't need it. Those MOSFET chips in the Pioneer head unit were really doing their job!
I used flec-stone to give a finished appearance to the MDF mounting plates. These increase the output of the speaker by providing an acoustically dead surface allowing the speaker to move air more efficiently.