1969 Cutlass Convertible
This beautiful Cutlass needed some special touches to bring it's sound up to date, without compromising it's originality. We decided to cover the original dash opening, since it had been cut already, to give the "radio delete" look. On most of the convertible GM cars, they use 6x9" speakers behind the rear seat to give some sound to the rear, and the single dash speaker. I talked this owner into letting me modify the kick panels for 5 1/4" Infinity speakers by promising to hide the work completely, Then we decided to modify the dash glove box area for radio mounting, with a wired remote in the center console glove box.
As you can see, the new speakers are totally invisible behind the re-carpeted kick panels, and I was very impressed with the excellent imaging the Infinity speakers provided with their adjustable tweeters.
We had to deliver the car before I could complete the glove box trim, but about a week later he returned, and I was able to make some pieces for below the radio shelf, to allow some storage, and trim around the radio to cover the view behind.
I hope to get some final shots of the finished glove box, but he'll have to find an excuse to return, since I figure this sytem is set for many years of listening enjoyment!