1972 Buick Skylark Custom
This job is a good example of the way I like to do older, or "Classic" cars
By covering the kick panels, and mounting the speakers behind, the original appearance is not changed. This can also be done with the doors as well, depending on available space in the vehicle.
This picture shows both panels as I prepare to cover them with carpet. First it's necessary to epoxy screen over the hole cut to reinforce the opening, and prevent the carpet from "sagging"
Here's where the electronics are  placed. Two amplifiers, and an Electronic X-over, as well as a pair of 6x9s, and a 10" woofer mounted on a "V" shaped baffle to vent the sound into the passenger compartment.
With the trunk "fill" panel in place, there's no visible components to detract from the original stock (rusty) look of the car!
Crushed by a Drunk driver in a Hyundai Santa fe