Of course thse shots are very rough and don't relate to the show we're creating. I just wanted to show all our old friends how the car is progressing. She's already had the first oil change at 300 miles, and is up to around 1k as of  9/8/04. I'll probably get more shots before I start working the text, and the HUGE balls are already hanging under license, just not in this picture which is now going on 2 years old. It's 7/06, and I may have killed the tranny, doing a HUGE burnout in Escondido, and I'm working on a budget for a 12bolt posi rear end, 'cause it's starting to howl, and doesn't launch too well with the 1 legger 10 bolt. need to shim the starter.....again and change the intake for a Holley carb. Up to 5k miles, and passes everything but the gas station. 
Ate a cam at 8k, changed for stock H.O. 502 takeout cam from my buddy John at JBA. Started working at Viper in Vista, and woke up to the car completely destroyed.....hit so hard it put 2 wheels on the curb, and ruined the front end totalling the car parked in front of it!
This was my Buick resto-mod that we wanted to base Goon's Garage around. Basically it needed everything, and I like to start with the drivetrain. I installed a 1977 re-built 454 truck motor, and turbo 350 trans, with original driveshaft, and rearend. The corporate 10 bolt is considered fairly strong with the 8.5 ring gear, so I left it alone.