1989 Toyota Pickup
This truck has lots of special features, and custom pieces, that aren't easily noticed. There are 3 punch 150 amps inside hidden under the front seat. They run a pair of 10s mounted in a custom baffle, carpeted to match the interior, along with all the highs. There is a discontinued rf system called Audioremote, that allows for volume control up to 100 ft. away.
This door features 3 speakers mounted vertically behind the front part of the panel. It also has added power door locks, and alarm L.E.D.s mounted in the outside door handles on both sides of the truck.
From this side you can see the other panel, complete with the same concealed speakers as the first one.
Notice the custom changer mount below the glove box? We chose Velour to match the door panels.
Here you can see the changer opened up. There's also piezo tweeters hidden behind all 4 of the dash vents, and 4" 2way speakers in the stock dash locations.
Under the seat are 3 Punch 150s, and an electronic x-over. The older amps didn't have internal x-overs.
Behind the seat in a custom enclosure are two JBL 10s.
In the bed is where the big boom goes. That's a Punch 500a2 powering 2 JBL 12s. Under the amp mount is a 1 Farad capacitor fed by 4 guage. In a truck with a camper shell a sealed enclosure actually can use the shell like the ported area in a bandpass box, with the cone control and power handling of the sealed box.
Here's the 2nd battery to keep the system pumping even when parked. I like the Optima yellow top "deep cycle".
In the center of this photo down below, is a 108 amp Delco alternator, on a custom fabricated bracket that uses the air conditioner mounting location. With 4 amps, and another 3 sets of off-road, and driving lights, the stock alternator just doesn't have the current to support this much draw. We left the stock alternator alone, and set this sytem up separately for the audio,  accessory lighting, and security.