Just a quick updating of a classic sports car.
The repaint was many years old, but still had enough paint in most places for Hot Rod Hell Jon to shine her up. 
New lenses and gaskets help the led lamps bring visibility to the original appearance
Modern Hella Halogen upgrades with fog lamps on a custom bar, combined with led lights for modern visibility.
Newer pedal box, and master cylinders allowed for the front disc upgrade using 70s MG miget parts
Thats a 1275 MG motor fitted as a direct replacement for the original. Bulkhead connector for the new heater hoses, and hand fitted lines really look good along with the custom battery hold-down
With an all new interior this baby looks and feels fresh. The switches below the heater are for heated seats, and the custom front lamps. The Tach, and Speedo guages are new from speedhut, and the original fuel, temp, and oil pressure work fine.