This custom pair of 12" woofer boxes incorporate 4 angled tweeters to provide rear fill from close behind the seats, instead of the the rear corners & doors. These were fine for the rear seat, but didn't add much for the driver, and front passenger. In addition to the angled placement for optimum dispersion, they are wired independantly to a 4 channel JBL Power 80.4 Class "D" amplifier which incorporates an electronic crossover for more precise control. The Front Woofer placement allows a direct Impact from Bass transients, such as kick drums. As an additional center fill I recently completed a Dual 10" Dual Horn cabinet facing upward between the seats, with a removable grille.
After being told that 2-12" woofers wouldn't fit in his truck by several shops, this smart guy found it CAN be done, and the seats will still open. not much leg room.... but this baby pounds!
These fiberglass molds sure look ugly, but fitted with trim pieces, and carpet, there are 2-12" JL W6s under that carpet, and the stock jumpseats still work. I put the amps under the angle pieces, with lift-off covers for viewing, or additional cooling. It wasn't cheap, but it WAS worth it!
For mad pounding in this Navigator I used a false bottom to conceal the 750W RMS G&S Reline amp. The 3 JLW6s were run bridged into a 4 ohm load, and all 3 rows of seating were usable.