BMW 325
This Clean 325 needed some more punch to it's existing cassette/changer system. The speakers had already been changed, but it still lacked the bottom that a good sub will bring. We Originally tried a free-air set-up vented through the rear deck, but found that he wanted more power, and a sealed box for MAXIMUM Bass
I wanted this to sound big, but with no visible box so the rear deck was vented to tranfer the Bass directly into the car. Then it was re-carpeted in black to match the interior.
I created a wedge shaped box for 2 Infinity 10s. We wanted to retain access to the spare tire underneath. The shape allowed me to move the box within 12" of the rear wall. From the trunk side I created a Fill panel to conceal the actual box, and to retain a stock appearance. I like to keep the Amp accessible, for service, or adjustments.