1993 Toyota extra cab Pickup
This pickup had been worked on (badly) before, and needed some fix-ups, as well as a way to fit 2 JL 12W6s in the cab, while retaining the use of the stock jumpseats!
Ouch! Even with this bad photo you can see this door needs some real help! Not only did the hole look like it had been chewed into the door, but it's dirctly over the window track, limiting the depth available. Then they used spacers to make it even uglier!
There! That saves a few bucks at the upholstery shop, without having to buy new panels. We used the carpet from the rear section to cover the damage, and match the new pieces for the back
This side has enough space for a custom woofer when fully disassembled, and I like the side location for rear fill speakers
Okay, this side scared the HELL out of me. I prefer NEVER to cut through the floor of any vehicle, especially when there's a GAS TANK involved, but I needed to get below the seats far enough to allow for the woofers, and their grille. I had to come forward an extra 4 inches to get enough air space as well.
Well, this doesn't seem quite so bad after all. Those seats sure don't leave much room upward though! I made sure to add a layer of screen for extra support over those woofers.
The fiberglass boxes don't look like much while drying, but they're solid! 3 layers of glass, and resin to get the thickness I needed.
Oh yeah! Plexiglas, and lift-out covers, for maximum concealement. Fuse access in the center. You can almost see the the rear fill speaker in the upper right.
Everything functional, and hidden. The jump seats work, and the seat belts are still in their stock locations. It's hard to see in the upper left corner, but there's a rear fill speaker behind matching carpet.Total time about 40 hours.