1998 Mercedes SLK230
This car had been worked on a couple of times before we got a look at it.
Well, a Bazooka tube did hide some of that!
Okay, better just clean everything out. this job needs a fresh start!
I like the look of the Alpine AVA 1005 opened up.
A couple JL W3-D2 woofers should have enough punch to cut through the road noise. This looks like just a square box, but the corners underneath are notched for clearance from the sheet metal. I also had to shift the top 3/4" to clear the luggage cover.
Those are 2 Soundstream Class "A" amps hiding down in the tire well. The woofers were chosen to wire in parallel for a 0.5 ohm load.
The customer really liked his Phoenix Gold eq, and wanted to make it easier to get to for adjustments. he also wanted to go with alpine's 12 disc changer, and what about a VCR for those boring waits in the car, since the Alpine video system has plenty of extra inputs.
Well, the first cut came out pretty good from that cardboard template you see started in the upper photo.
That's what I was hoping for! About 40 hours Labor, and looking good!
Experts only on this dash disassembly